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Our concrete coating specialists can rejuvenate your concrete with a complete concrete floor restoration. Our concrete services are also available for residential homeowners.

Floor Restoration

Commercial and Industrial

Polished concrete floors have many design options. They can be stained in many colors with different application techniques to create a very unique finish and you can add stenciled graphics or decorative engraving into the surface.

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Best Decorative Look

Whether you want a simple enhancement, an alternative to expensive carpeting or tile, or a custom flooring option, we can help you explore the vast number of decorative stained concrete floor possibilities available.


Energy Efficiency

Because of their thermal mass and ability to retain heat, concrete floors are ideal for passive solar home designs. Conversely in the summer and in hot climates, concrete floors shielded from the sun will stay cool longer and can actually help lower air-conditioning costs.


Easy to Maintain

Decorative concrete floors don’t require labor-intensive maintenance. Once installed these floors need regular but simple cleaning with basic sweeping and mopping. There is no need for waxing or steam cleaning.

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