Decorative Epoxy

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Decorative Epoxy.

Concrete doesn't have to be a bland and boring flooring solution. If you want to give your home's concrete floors a new look, Cornerstone Decorative Concrete in Wilder, VT is here to help. With our decorative epoxy services, you can turn your concrete from boring to brilliant.

We use metallic pigmented epoxy for our decorative epoxy services. This special coating is known for its signature lava flow or pearlescent design. No two metallic pigmented epoxy floors look the same, allowing you to get a truly unique floor for your home.

Quartz, Chip Blends and Metallics.

Benefits Of Decorative Epoxy

High-traffic finishes with industrial-strength chemical and abrasion resistance.

Ability to withstand heavy and frequent foot and cart traffic.

Easy maintenance—no waxing or repolishing required.

Pattern and flooring design options, ideal for designating traffic lanes and visually dividing your floor space.

Quick turnover, fast-curing systems options.

Skid-resistant options that do not interfere with aesthetics.


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courtney keene

We hired Cornerstone Decorative Concrete to seal and use their flake epoxy system on the floor in our two bay garage. They also sealed and painted the walls to create a uniform look and cover up water stains. We LOVE how it looks, so much so we keep hesitating to put our cars away because it looks so nice! 😜 Mike and his team did awesome work and we recommend them without hesitation.

Cortney Keene

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